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Help - Lexicon - Wiki Manual


[edit] Identification

To be able to create/edit pages, you need to create a login name on the Wiki. At this time, the login name is not linked with your MacMusic login name. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest you to use the same login name.

[edit] Starting a new Page

  • In the Lexicon, a word is displayed in red, it means it has no definition yet:
    • Click on the red word,
    • You are automatically in edition mode, enter your definition,
    • Click on "Show Preview", you can still modify but it is not saved,
    • Click on "Save Page".

  • Here is the easyest way to create a new page from nothing:
    • From any page, click the "edit" tab
    • type [[Page name]] ("Page name" is the name of the page you want to create)
    • click on "Show preview"
    • Page name will appear in red (as an undefined link). Whithout pressing "save page", click on this red link. It will bring you to the blank "Page name" page.
    • just fill this new page, and save.

  • You can also create a page by typing an URL in your browser URL field. Just type 

then hit the return key

[edit] Page layout

To save time on corrections, write you article with an automatic spell checker on. For example in Safari: switch on Menu Edition/spelling/Verify spelling while typing. It won't do everything (like tenses) but at least the words not in the dictionary will be highlighted..

[edit] Page sections

  • To make a section (like "Page layout") type ==Section Name== with "==" before and after the section name.
  • To make a sub section (like "Page sections") ===Sub Section Name===, etc.
  • You can also add an horizontal line with "----".
  • A summary is automatically added at the beginning to articles with more than 3 sections.

[edit] Lists

  • If you want to make a list like this one here:
    • type * at the line beginning,
    • retype * at the line beginning,
      • type ** at the line beginning,
        • etc.
  • To indent with numbers :
    1. type # at the line beginning,
    2. retype #,
      1. type ##
      2. retype ##
        1. ###etc.

[edit] Styles

  • BOLD = 3 ' before and after the word or sentence,
  • SLANTED = 2 ' before and after the word or sentence,

[edit] Tables

  • For a simple table like this:
your text


{| border="1" 
|your text 

  • To add columns:
cell1 cell2 cell3


{| border="1" 
| cell1 || cell2 || cell3

  • To add rows :
text 1a text 2a
text 1b text 2b


{| border="1"
| text 1a || text 2a
| text 1b || text 2b

  • The first line defines the table parameters:
cell 1 cell 2


{| border="1" cellpadding='2' cellspacing='0'
| cell 1 || cell 2

[edit] Punctuation

  • Attach every punctuation sign to the word before, no spaces;
  • 3 dots" are enough.......

[edit] Miscellanous

  • To go to the next line  : add 2 line breaks

(If you have anything to add/correct, please helps yourself!)

[edit] Sorting pages in Categories

  • Once you wrote your article, don't forget to put it in one of the categories, using the following syntax at the end of the article:

Always put the [[Category:Lexicon]] first, then add secondary categories, sorted, one per line,

  • Once saved, your page will "automagically" appears in the relevant categories indexes.

[edit] Editing a Page

To edit a page, just use the "edit" tab (on top)

  • add your corrections
  • then save using the "save page" button

[edit] Linking

  • To create a link, type: [[name of the destination page]]:
    • if the destination page exists (with exactly the same name), a blue link will be shown during preview
    • if the destination page doesn't exist, you will see a red link
  • To get a link title different from the link itself, use the following syntax: [[link name|link title]]. Notice the "|" between the link and the title.
    • The "link name" is the item you want to link to (it is a word wich is/will be defined), the "link title" is the word appearing in you article which will point to the "link name".
    • To type a "|", type Option+Shift+L

[edit] More Information

Please read the original wiki manual from the WikiMedia site, also available in the following languages : Български (bg) | Ελληνικά (el) | Español (es) | Català (ca) | Dansk (da) | Deutsch (de) | English(en) | Français (fr) | Italiano (it) | 日本語 (ja) | Nederlands (nl) | Norsk (no) | Polski (pl) | Русский (ru) | 中文 (zh) .

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