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Electronic piano

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An electronic piano is an entirely electronic musical instrument designed to simulate the timbre of a piano (and sometimes a harpsichord or an Organ) using analog circuitry. Electronic Piano was also the trade name used for Wurlitzer's popular line of electric pianos, which were produced from the 1950s to the 1980s. This article describes the true electronic piano. For information on the Wurlitzer instrument, see Wurlitzer electric piano.

Electronic pianos and electric pianos are not the same instrument. Electronic pianos work similarly to analog synthesizers whereas electric pianos are mechanical, their sound being electrified by a pickup.

Most electronic pianos date from the 1970s and were made in Italy, although similar models were made concurrently in Japan. An exception is the range of instruments made by RMI in the USA from 1967 to approximately 1980. Most electronic pianos (including the RMI) do not vary their volume based on how hard a user hits one of their keys.

Examples of electronic pianos include:

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