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iDVD is a DVD creation software application made by Apple Inc. for Mac OS X. iDVD allows the user to add QuickTime Movies, MP3 music, and digital photos to a DVD that can then be played on a commercial DVD player. It is often considered the last step of Apple's iLife suite, bringing together all the other iLife applications results onto a removable media.

While originally only available for Macs with a SuperDrive, it is now included at no additional charge with all new Macs — as of iDVD 6, Apple has finally opened the door to burning projects with third-party optical drives.

The program uses the concept of themes to allow the easy creation of DVD menu systems. The themes have 'drop zones', onto which movies or photographs can be dropped. The theme automatically animates the drop zones if necessary.

The program integrates with the rest of the iLife suite. iMovie projects and iPhoto slideshows can be exported directly to iDVD. In the case of iMovie projects, scene selection menus are automatically created in accordance with chapter markers that are set within iMovie. The application also has a 'Media' area that provides access to the user's iTunes library, iPhoto library and Movies folder at any time, and there is a map view, which shows the current project's menu system in a graphical form. Another feature is the ability to hide or show an approximation of the 'TV safe area' (because old televisions often cut off some of a video's outer areas).

For users in a hurry, there is a 'OneStepDVD' function, which automatically rewinds the currently connected DV camcorder to the beginning, and then burns a DVD of the video footage that is on the tape.

Also, iDVD 6.0 and later support a refined look based on iTunes 5 and 6.

[edit] Hidden extras

The iDVD software comes with fonts that are not installed to make them available to other software by default. The fonts are located here: /Applications/

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