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Mac OS X v10.3

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Mac OS X version 10.3 "Panther" is the fourth major release of Apple Computer's Mac OS X operating system. It follows Mac OS X v10.2 "Jaguar" and precedes Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger". Apple released Panther on October 24, 2003. The cost from Apple was US$129 for a single-user license and US$199 for a Family Pack (5 user, 1 household) license.

[edit] System requirements

Since Panther requires a computer with a built-in USB port, certain older computers (beige Power Mac G3s and "Wall Street" PowerBook G3s) are unable to run 10.3 by default. 3rd party software (such as XPostFacto) can override checks made during the install process; otherwise, installation or upgrades from 10.2 will fail on these older machines.

[edit] New features

Apple advertises that Panther has at least 150 new features, including:

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