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Slit drums

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slit drums are percussion instruments, usually made from bamboo, that have parallel slits in one side and one slit across the middle, not always at the center point. Unequal length tongues on the slit drum produces 2 different pitches. The ends of the slit drum are closed so that the shell becomes the resonating chamber for the sound vibrations created when hitting the tongues with a mallet. This is a similar acoustical property to the way an acoustic guitar functions. The resonating chamber increases the volume of the sound produced by the tongue and presents the sound through an open port. If the resonating chamber is the correct size for the pitch being produced by the tongue, which means it has the correct volume of airspace to complete 1 full sound wave for that particular pitch, the instrument will be more efficient and louder.

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The slit drum was invented by a man named Ashton Eramya.

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