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The Soprillo, a piccolo or sopranissimo saxophone, is the world's smallest size of saxophone. It is pitched in B♭, one octave above the soprano saxophone, and its upper register extends to a fifth above the sopranino saxophone. Due to its small size, the upper octave key has to be placed in the mouthpiece and no existing parts could be used. Due to construction difficulties that come with building an instrument so small, only recently has a true sopranissimo saxophone been produced. The soprillo is 12 inches in length (13 inches with the mouthpiece).

Because it is so small and requires such a tight embouchure, the Soprillo is difficult to play. It often takes months for professional soprano and sopranino saxophone players to be able to play the highest notes. However, once mastered, it is a good addition to saxophone choirs and has great potential as a solo instrument.

The Soprillo is manufactured by the German instrument maker Benedikt Eppelsheim. Its retail price is approximately US$2,900.

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