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An effect or instrument which is inserted into a host program such as Protools, Logic or Cubase to name just three. The host program (usually a midi sequencer or digital audio workstation 'DAW') will allow the user to record either midi or audio, although most programs now have the capacity to do both, plug-ins can then be inserted into different tracks and this allows the user limitless possibilties for sound creation.


[edit] Types

Some plug-ins are provided with the program itself, whilst others can be purchased by third party software companies. The plug-ins can include:

[edit] Manufacturers

Third party companies include;

[edit] Formats

There are a number of plug-in types and presently no universal plug-in standard across software or computer platforms. The most common are;

[edit] Wrappers

To deal with incompatibilty issues third party 'wrappers' have been created to allow some plugins not native to certain platforms and sequencers to be used. The most common is made by a company called FxPansion.

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